Friday, October 19, 2012

Silver Glenn Springs

Pay $5 dollars for person at the ranger station! 

Walk 100 yards to the Springs!

And you are in heaven!  

Beautiful crystal-clear water!

Our hike today is short! It's about 3 miles!

For such small hike, we encounter a grant abundance of animals! Like this Cardinal!

The hike take us along the second largest lake in Florida Lake George!

The trail winds under a hardwood hammok of Sweetgum,Hickory,Cedar,Oak,Sweetbay Magnolias and  Saw Palmettos. 

The trail is very clean!

Trail ends at a clearing along the lake!

Walker Chris!

View of Lake George!

WildWildernessWalkers at their best!

Great Blue Heron!

Great White Heron!

Walking back!

Don't forget to used your repellent!

Live oak tree! 

Walker Jose!

Walker Raquel! 

Walkers Trish & Carrei!

Gray Fox!

Resident of this Park!

Pileated Woodpecker!

Let's go swimming!

Red Bellied Woodpecker!

Gray Squirrel!

Softshell  turtle!

Natural Well this second spring is roped off to keep swimmers out!

A small trail to the Spring Boils!

Blue Jay!

Boardwalk to te Boils!

Sand Boils!

The tiny boils push bubles of sand up!

Red bellied Woodpecker!

Back to the Springs!

Black Vulture!


Picture of the day!

More swimming!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bulow Plantation Ruins to Bulow Creek State Park(Flagler and Volusia County)

7.8 miles from the Sugar Mill Ruins to the Fairchild Oak!

Pick a trail map!

We walked to get a view of Bulow Creek!  

What a view!
Canoe Launch!

Cistern from the 1820's

Red Bellid Woodpecker!

1 mile Sugar Mill Trail!
Some of our Walkers!

Mian attraction Sugar Mill from 1821!

It was Florida largest and most productive sugar mill of its time! 

It was abandoned in 1836 during the Second Seminole War!

It was sacked and burned by the Seminoles.

Red Shouldered Hawk!
Great shot!

Walker Leida!

The trai starts out in a oak hammock with scattered slash pine!

Great day for hiking!

Walker Trish!

The trail is marked with a yellow blaze!

Older live oak draped in resurrection fern! 
Walker Chris!

I love this big trees!

Crossing a dry creek!

I love his big trees!

During wet season this hole area is under water!

Marsh Trail!

A sluggish creek along the edge of a hydric hammock with cabbage palm! 
A Downy Woodpecker!

The trail turns slightly uphill away from the creek!

Emerging at a sweeping vista along the edge of wetlands of Bulow Creek! 

American Robin!

The girls having fun!

I had to check this high grasses!
Walker Raquel! The trail goes uphill again!

Walker Leia!

Chris catching up to us!

 Broad bridge crossing the Cisco Dith!

Walker Jose! Fossilized seashells on the rocks in the creek!

The remainder of the hike sticks to the forest road! 
Coming to a open area!

Salt Marsh of Bulow Creek!

Odservation Deck on Boardman Pond!

Before crossing Walter Boardman Lane!

Enter the Bulow Creek south part of the Park!

Crossing Salt Marsh!
Cross bridge  and continue into the forest!

The trail is parrallels by swamp on both sides!

The trail rises into a oak hammock!

Resting at the Fairchild Oak!

Fairchild Oak, a gaint tree though to be more than two thousand years old or more! 

Picture time!