Saturday, September 29, 2012

Smyrna Dunes Park

WildWildernesWalkers at myrna Dunes Park

Leia in action 

one of the residents!


Another resident!

This place is beautiful!

great hike

good place to have lunch! 

two great miles of hiking!

beautiful beach!

in the heat of the afternoon! 

This white dunes look like mountains! 

great view!

you'll see hundres of this gopher tortoise in the dunes!

Small Hike to the Dames Caves

A look at Dames Caves 

A look  outside!
GG at her best!
There is Kayla
Some of our Walkers!
Do you think i fit?
Our new member Eric! 
Boys hanging in!
The hole Gang!
Girls in the caves!
Outside the Peace Cave
Peace cave
Outside the Dames Caves 

All the world on his shoulders 

Still going down! 

strike the post!

I feel like a kid! 

Girlscout caves 

We need to come back