Thursday, December 29, 2011

Alexander Springs to CR19 trailhead

The Ocala National Forest has many places to hike, The Florida Trail runs thru the forest.
Today we hike a portion of it, we started at Alexander Springs Recration Area.We hike north on the trail.
 As you can see it was a cold day,look at chris!
 This is a great place to Hike,our group love this area!
This area is has a little of evrything from Pine Flatwoods,Sand hills areas,Dry prairies!
You can find many animals in this area! Like this little Red-Cockaded woodpecker.    
Look at this longleaf pine flatwoods! 
Time for the WildWildernessWalkers to have lunch & take a rest. 
Trish & Desmond
Our friend Robin in action!
Hey Look at Leida!
and Raquel
Let's not forget about Kim!
                                                           We all are part of the WildWildernessWalkers!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Citrus Loops (loop B)

The Citrus Trail is Central Florida's most rugged backpacking trail, with aggressively rolling sandhills. 
picture of the day! 

Today we are hiking the B loop.
This trail is well groomed, thank's to The Florida Trail Association
taking a rest at Jackson Campsite! one of the primitive campsite at the Citrus Loops!
Intersection of Loop C & Loop B

Trish inside the cave (view from top)
WildWildernessWalkers from L to R(Trish,Leida,Raquel,Chris&Jose!
Trish chilling!     
View from inside the Cave!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lake Eaton Sink Hole Trail

Two fantastic trails within 100 steps from each other! Lake Eaton & this, Lake Eaton Sink Hole Trail!
New and re-constructed, this trail is a gem! new boardwalks steps and hand rails! 
Fall is a good time to go and hike this trail, to see the changes of colors on the trees! 
This Sink hole is 462 Feet across and over 160 feet deep!
with trees as high as the sink hole or taller!
We had a wonderful day at these hike's hope you come and enjoy this hike like we did!

Some of our WildWildernessWalker!

Lake Eaton Trail

Entrance to the trail /short trail but great views!(about 3 miles) 
Small group today but we had a blast!
Look at those smiles!
Now who is taking who's picture?

Lake Eaton view from one of the boardwalk
New renovated boardwalks! come and hike this beautiful place!  

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hiking Lyonia Preserve(Volusia County Florida)

About 4 miles to hike in this preserve 
Trail conditions are soft deep sand
There is almost no shade along the trail

one of the only shaded areas! 
going up!
time for rest!
this is the beauty of the preserve!
picture of the day!
our best time with the scrubjays!
4.5 miles under the sun
but our group enjoy every mile of it. Great place to hike!